Our Brand


In 2019, Roman started to design and produce individual pieces of clothing because there were very few brands on the market that he really liked. Within a relatively short period of time, many of his friends were asking him to make something similar for them. It caught on, and soon enough many people were wearing pieces of clothing with the logo ‘ROMANI’.

In 2020, he partnered with David to create a plan around his hobby to get clothing with higher quality. The year 2020 brought many contacts into the business, including various advisors in the fashion industry who regularly consult on how to make good decisions.

The name ROMANI, comes from the term ‘to romanise’. In Ancient Rome, the Roman civilisation strived to improve societies and connect cultures across borders. With our brand we tell stories about ancient cultures from all over the world through modern and intriguing designs. 

Our brand shows you art that was made thousands of years ago by cultures you have never heard of and tells stories of heroes from the depths of the Amazon Jungle. We tell stories so that you get to know more about the world around you, from tens to thousands of years ago.


The term ‘sustainability’ in the fashion industry has many meanings and can be interpreted in different ways. We keep things simple and aligned with our vision. Whenever we can, we take the responsibility to recycle, make use of potential cotton waste and work together with institutions or non-profits to truly ‘connect’ cultures and improve them.